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We never miss an opportunity to get together to share a meal and enjoy each other’s fellowship. Today, right after the morning service, we had a special reason to gather together. A very special missionary friend of ours has returned from the field. This afternoon, we were blessed to hear of God’s work in a foreign country and we spent time in prayer for the missionary, his team, and those who have already been touched by God’s mercy. We also asked God’s blessing on future mission trips and that His word be spread far and wide, even in hostile lands.

This morning’s Sunrise Service was a review of the resurrection story from the perspective that there was no slight-of-hand in Christ’s resurrection. He was most assuredly dead before He was buried and it was a miracle that He was resurrected! Luke 23:46-56.

Good Friday Service

This evening we met in the fellowship hall with some refreshments; it was a bit chilly to be outdoors per our original plan. We studied Romans 10:9-13 and the change brought about in trusting Christ. We had a time for sharing testimonies and it was a joyful celebration of the life-changing truth that Jesus Christ lives.