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5th Sunday Fellowship

Each month with five Sundays, the evening of the fifth is set aside for this special event. Tonight we enjoyed Pastor Crookshank discussion on the Pilgrims and the founding of our nation. We gave thanks for their sacrifices and the many others who took risks and made sacrifices to make our country what it is today. All this while enjoying a comforting variety of food.

It was a beautiful evening for young and old alike to relax around the fire pit, have a time of devotion, enjoy some good eats, and spend the evening sharing tales (tall and otherwise). Ahhh fall!

Tonight we shared a wonderful array of berry-themed treats: homemade strawberry ice cream, blueberry compote, fresh-picked strawberries, strawberry shortcake, a delightful fruit tart and strawberry pie. It was absolutely necessary to sample every one!

While we enjoyed the berry-ness, we discussed our new mission statement/motto: Real people of real faith, meeting real needs. We looked at the three sections of the motto and scripture that will guide us in each of those areas. It was a great blessing as we continue to move forward serving the Lord.

Campfire Fellowship

As always, a special event for young and old(er) alike. We had perfect weather and the evening kicked-off with a great devotional by Pastor Crookshank. Pat and Rondel coaxed a warm and inviting fire from slightly damp wood where we enjoyed the light and a chance to roast our hotdogs and marshmallows. This evening’s s’mores were creatively made with marshmallows and oatmeal cookies for a sugar rush we won’t soon forget!

Pastor Crookshank brought a selection of his antique lanterns and regaled the youth with their history as he brought them to life in the late twilight.

We never miss an opportunity to get together to share a meal and enjoy each other’s fellowship. Today, right after the morning service, we had a special reason to gather together. A very special missionary friend of ours has returned from the field. This afternoon, we were blessed to hear of God’s work in a foreign country and we spent time in prayer for the missionary, his team, and those who have already been touched by God’s mercy. We also asked God’s blessing on future mission trips and that His word be spread far and wide, even in hostile lands.