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Each month with five Sundays, the evening of the fifth is set aside for a special event. Like every Sunday evening, Pastor Crookshank prepared a great Bible lesson. For dinner, everyone brought a salad or dessert to share, and Cheryl prepared fresh hot quesadillas to order! At least one family decided that they could no longer live without a quesadilla maker of their own.

Jewels Social

Once again, Cheryl Carter opened her home to the the Hanover ladies and their daughters for a special time of fellowship. We used this opportunity to Honor Donya Lowe and thank her for her loving service to the Jewels over the years. We’re going to miss you!

It didn’t seem like we had enough time to sift through attic and basement for all those things we wanted to sell, but we still managed to fill all our tables. Thanks to advertising in the Fredericksburg, King George and Westmoreland papers, as well as on Craigslist, we had the biggest day so far! As always, the sale tables were open to our community (for free) and we got to know a few of our neighbors a little better.

Today we held our third monthly community dinner. Again the theme leaned toward Italian, with spaghetti and salad (with Italian dressing as an option) on the menu. Although turnout was light, we were honored to share a meal with a few of our neighbors.

Survey Sunday

Pastor Darrell Webb was our guest speaker this morning. After his sermon everyone moved to the fellowship hall in order to complete a survey on church health. Other than ongoing prayer, this is the first step in our design for seeking God’s will for Hanover’s future.