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Church Camp-out

5:00 PM—It was a family event full of fun & adventure! We camped on the church grounds. We had a nice fire in the pit and enoyed devotions, paintball, and a potluck dinner of  possum, rattlesnake, and groundhog stew (well, that’s what Pastor Rick said we were having…)

Church Workday

The men worked at the Bishop home. We mowed grass and helped Mr. Bishop straighten his basement workshop. The Lord held off the rain until the minute we were finished!

Adult Fellowship

Bob & Sharyn Halpin hosted dinner at their home at 5:00. Weather prevented a planned cookout, but we all had a wonderful time (as usual). Thanks Bob & Sharyn!

Ladies gathered at 5:30 in the Fellowship Hall with an item or two that was gently used or inexpensively purchased and we didn’t mind someone else taking home. The items could have been anything we didn’t need or want anymore: funny, ugly to us, nice but not needed, tired of looking at…you get the idea.

But we started the evening with a surprise house-warming shower for Laurie Klopsis. Then we enjoyed a special time of devotion. We ended the evening with a silent auction on each others’ junque. The evening was full of fun & laughter.

We love Pastor Rick and Betsy. There is no adequate way to show our appreciation, but we shared a delicious meal in the fellowship hall following the morning service.